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Mounting features


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CAD model

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Device wiring - soldered connections

dev_motor_controller_4808 is designed to have the power wiring, motor phase wiring and motor temperature wiring soldered to the power stage of the device.

Consider the following when soldering the wires into place:

  • Ensure no voltage is present on the device or wires!
  • Make sure to pre-tin the wires.
  • Use flux on the solder pads. The flux residue can be cleaned with an appropriate solvent, eg isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
  • Ensure enough wire is used the the device can be serviced.

Encoder Mounting Considerations

Please see Encoder target for installation.

Thermal Considerations

dev_motor_controller_4808 is built on 6 layer PCB and features some additional thermal mass (in the form of metal spacers), however no additional heatsinking capability is available. If required, ensure the device and mounting system have good ventilation.