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General Hardware Specifications

Mass 33g (including heatsink)
Dimensions 45.7mm x 34mm x 18mm
Analog input 1 x single ended (0 - 3.3V)
Encoder input 1 x single ended / differential
Heatsink Aluminium
Temperature sensing 2x temperature sensors on power board
Safety protections Over/under-temperature
Loss of host
Position sense fault
Configurable fault on analog input
Supports JCS processes Yes
Supports JCS device rate Yes
JCS device rate frequency 15kHz

Electrical Specifications

DC bus maximum voltage +72V continuous, +85V peak (100mS), E-Stop at +90V
DC bus minimum voltage +24V continuous, E-Stop at +20V
DC bus capacitance 90uF
Phase current sensing All 3 phases, in-line shunt based
Maximum phase current 30A continuous, 50A peak (thermally limited)
Active current limiting based on device temperature
Phase voltage sensing All 3 phases
PWM frequency 30kHz
Current control loop frequency 30kHz
encoder_X_spi_frequency fpclk 54Mhz


The device uses 100V rated ceramic capacitors. Note that DC bias effects will be present and the effective bus capacitance will go down as the bus voltage goes up. Add external capacitance close to the device power inputs if the application demands it.