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On-Axis JCS Network Absolute Encoder

JCS Network Configuration

structure.yaml Configuration

type dev_encoder_absolute_a
Supports processes no
Supports device rate no

Signals - From Device

Signal name Type Required Description
op_state uint8 automatic Device operational state bit field
th float32 optional Rotational position (Rad)
- May have zero offset applied
- May have linearisation compensation applied
- May have been passed through an estimator
- Normalised to \([-\pi, \pi]\)
w float32 optional Rotational speed (Rad/S)
an_0 float32 optional Analog input 0
- Signal may be renamed
an_1 float32 optional Analog input 1
- Signal may be renamed
th_counts uint16 optional Rotational position in encoder counts
th_encoder float32 optional Rotational position (Rad)
(Derived from raw encoder)
- Normalised to \([0, 2\pi]\)
encoder_error_rate float32 optional Output of encoder error rate filter
Directly proportional to the health of the encoder

Note: JCS Host automatically maps op_state as a full rate signal.


Signal: op_state
Bit Description
0 - 2 Reserved for JCS.
3 Zero flag.
Set if the device has been zeroed, by either programmed offset or zero command.
4 Velocity warning flag.
Latched when maximum velocity is exceeded.
5 Analog warning flag.
Set when any analog channel exceeds it's warning limit.
Unset when all channels are below their warning limits.
6 Encoder warning flag.
Set when the encoder sensor is in a warning state.
7 Unused.

Signals - To Device

On-axis network encoder device does not receive any signals