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Load Dump / Braking Chopper Controller

JCS Network Configuration

structure.yaml Configuration

type dev_braking_chopper
Supports processes no
Supports device rate no

Signals - From Device

Signal name Type Required Description
op_state uint8 automatic Device operational state bit field
duty float32 optional Actuation duty cycle
v_dc_slow float32 optional Slow filtered reference DC bus voltage (V)
v_dc float32 optional DC bus voltage (V)
t_0 float32 optional Onboard temperature sensor 0 (degC)
an_0 float32 optional External analog input (external temperature)
- Signal may be renamed
p_dumped float32 optional Power dumped by resistor (W)

Note: JCS Host automatically maps op_state as a full rate signal.


Signal: op_state
Bit Description
0 - 2 Reserved for JCS
3 Temperature warning flag
Set when any temperature measurement exceeds the warning limit
4 Output clamped flag
Set if output is clamped due to over temperature
5 Analog warning flag.
Set when any analog channel exceeds it's warning limit.
6 DC bus voltage warning
Set if DC bus voltage goes over or under the warning limit.
7 DC bus voltage exceeds controllable range
Set if DC bus voltage continues to rise after reaching maximum duty cycle
Typically means number of load dump controllers or load resistor value is not sufficient to dissipate the DC bus energy.

Signals - To Device

Load dump controller device does not receive any signals