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General Hardware Specifications

Mass 10 g
Dimensions 40mm x 35mm x 9mm
High speed network ports Ethercat in/out
JCS device ports 4 x ports, max 15 devices per port
(Actual number of devices per port is dependent on desired network performance)
Analog input 4 x single ended (0 - 3.3V)
Encoder interfaces 2 x differential or single ended, SPI/SSI, UART

Electrical Specifications

12V supply maximum voltage 13V
12V supply minimum voltage 11V
12V supply maximum current 2A (Maximum allowed)
12V supply nominal current draw 89mA (No devices or sensors attached)
12V supply capacitance 44uF
5V supply maximum current supply 1A (shared across all ports)
encoder_X_spi_frequency fpclk 108Mhz