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Mounting features


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Mounting the device

Device has 2x 3.1mm diameter mounting holes, suitable for M3 screws. The mounting hole pads are 5.6mm in diameter. Design any mounting posts to be no greater than 5.6mm in diameter.

Encoder Target

AS5311 magnetic target

The AS5311 returns the position of a multi-pole magnetic strip mounted to a moving structure at a fixed distance from the surface of the sensor. The AS5311 is capable of both linear motion sensing via multi-pole magnetic strip and off-axis rotational motion sensing via a multi-pole magnetic ring.

Both linear and ring magnetic targets should have the following properties:

Pole length 1mm
Pole-pair length 2mm
Magnet type plastic or rubber bonded ferrite or NdFeB
Required magnetic field strength 10mT - 40mT at the die's surface
Suggested vertical gap 0.3mm Package to magnet surface, depending on magnetic field strength

For further detailed information consult the AustriaMicroSystem AS5311 datasheet.