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Brake / Clutch Controller JCS Interface

JCS Network Configuration

structure.yaml Configuration

type dev_brake_clutch
Supports processes no
Supports device rate no

Signals - From Device

Signal name Type Required Description
op_state uint8 automatic Device operational state bit field
duty_ch_0 float32 optional Channel 0 actuation duty cycle
duty_ch_1 float32 optional Channel 1 actuation duty cycle
v_dc float32 optional DC bus voltage (V)
i_ch_0 float32 optional Channel 0 current (A)
i_ch_1 float32 optional Channel 1 current (A)

Note: JCS Host automatically maps op_state as a full rate signal.


Signal: op_state
Bit Description
0 - 2 Reserved for JCS
3 DC bus voltage warning
Set if DC bus voltage exceeds warning limits
4 Channel 0 current warning
Set if channel 0 current exceeds warning limits
5 Channel 1 current warning
Set if channel 1 current exceeds warning limits
6 Unused
7 Unused

Signals - To Device

Signal name Type Required Description
cmd_ch_0 float32 optional Channel 0 command input
- configuration dependant
cmd_ch_1 float32 optional Channel 1 command input
- configuration dependant