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JCS devices are the physical electronics hardware that do the actual work.

The devices are split into functional families, where each family may have one or more device variants. For example, the JCS brushless motor controllers family contains motor controllers of varying features, capability and performance.

JCS Hardware Ethos

Common Interfaces

Aside from motor power connectors, all JCS devices share common connectors and pinouts. An analog connector on one device will be the same as an analog connector on another device.

Voltage Domain Separation

No internal rail voltages are generated from the DC Bus Input on any JCS power devices. This separates the noisy motive power rails from the lower supply voltage, which powers internal circuitry.

JCS Standard Voltages

JCS hardware is built around a set of standardised connectors and voltages.


Connector type Current rating
Molex PicoClasp 2.0A / pin
Molex PicoBlade 2.5A / pin
Solder pads Device dependent
Amass XT30 30A / pin
Amass XT60 60A / pin


Type Nominal Max Min Notes
Power 72V 80V 20V High power DC bus supply.
No reverse polarity protection.
Power 48V 52V 20V Low power DC bus supply.
No reverse polarity protection.
Supply 12V 13V 11V Device internal electronics supply.
Must be well regulated.
Devices include reverse polarity protection where it can be fit in.
Supply 5V 6V 4V Low voltage device supply.
Supplied by JCS network connections.
Typically not supplied by user.