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Mounting features


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Mounting the device

Device has 4x 3.1mm diameter mounting holes, suitable for M3 screws. The mounting hole pads are 5.6mm in diameter. Design any mounting posts to be no greater than 5.6mm in diameter.

Encoder Target

AS5047p magnetic target

The AS5047p returns the position of a diametrically magnetised cylindrical magnet mounted to a rotating structure at a fixed distance from the surface of the sensor.

Magnet type Cylindrical diametrically magnetised Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) N35
Potential part number Radial Magnets Inc 9042, Digikey 469-1070-ND

Magnet mounting requirements

In practice the AS5047p is quiet tolerant to magnet misalignment and in most cases will produce a reasonable output. Mounting guidelines are presented below.

Vertical mounting distance Between 0.5mm and 1.8mm from the surface of the sensor
Suggested magnet size 6mm diameter, >= 2.5mm height
Bz (Orthogonal magnetic field strength) 35mT - 70mT peak field strength at a radius of 1.1mm

For further detailed information consult the AustriaMicroSystems AS5047p datasheet. Although it is a different sensor the AS5040 datasheet also offers useful mounting guidelines.

Magnet mounting example

Magnet mounting example