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JCS Documentation

Welcome to Arbite Robotics Joint Control System (JCS) documentation.


Arbite JCS is a family of electronic modules and software for building high performance robotic systems.

The primary aims of JCS are:

  • To reduce the time spent in developing electronics hardware and interfaces, or to reduce the effort in connecting dissimilar components together to build your robotic system.
  • To enable distributed control, such that blocks of hardware modules and controllers appear as a useful robotic unit.
  • Provide a simple API and software library to ease integration into your robotics project.
  • To use common hardware interfaces and blocks to minimise wiring efforts and to enable fast swapping of devices.

What does it look like?

At it's core JCS looks like a collection of electronic modules for robotics control that are networked together and connected back to a host computer. A small software library running on the host computer provides a simple interface to all modules on the network.

JCS is split into three major components:

  • JCS dev_host: C++ software library running on a host computer. This software manages all modules on the network and interfaces with the user's software.
  • JCS devices: A family of hardware modules aimed at robotic control.
  • JCS processes: Software processes that run on some JCS devices. These are useful tools such as controllers, transformations, estimators and models.