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General Hardware Specifications

Mass 4g
Dimensions 31mm x 25mm x 9mm
Safety protections Over-current
Controller channel outputs 2 x independent channels, each with current sense feedback
Available controllers Current, voltage, direct PWM

Electrical Specifications

DC bus maximum voltage +72V continuous, +85V peak (100mS), Warning at +74V, E-Stop at +90V
DC bus minimum voltage +24V continuous, Warning at +22V, E-Stop at +20V
DC bus capacitance 1uF
DC bus maximum current 1A continuous, 2.5A peak (thermally limited), E-stop at 3A
12V supply maximum voltage 13V
12V supply minimum voltage 11V
12V supply maximum current 500mA (Maximum allowed)
12V supply nominal current draw 3mA (No actuators attached)
Current sense range 0A - 3.0A
PWM frequency 20kHz (All channels)
Control loop frequency 20kHz (All channels)